Felix provided in his first article a brief introduction into Spanish passports. Now I am glad to bring you the next “guideline” as PDF-document provided by Felix. This is the first of eight chapters. The guidline gives a detailed introduction also into relevant regulations and is displaying the different passport types. I am looking forward for the other chapters coming in time and I wish you interesting reading. As for all guidelines all “members” will have full access while readers will see just this extract. Password as communicated earlier. Click the chapters to open the PDF. Thank you again for your contribution, Felix!

  1. 1920-2010. Basic collection

  2. 1922-1936. Some differences

  3. 1922-1948. Spanish passports extended by Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  4. 1922-2010. Rarities (in preparation)

  5. 1741-1922. The early times

  6. 1922-2010. More rarities (in preparation)

  7. Out of use passports (in preparation)

  8. Final words (in preparation)

Spanish passport 1920-2010, basic guide (Extract)
Spanish passports have a long history from the Middle Ages till now. Since the Discovery of America Spaniards have tried to migrate or move toward the new land. Spanish authorities established some conditions for the candidates, e. g. they were non convicted, not women, not poor,… and extended the earliest Spanish passports for Spanish and foreign nationals to migrate. At the end of 19th century the Spanish colonial empire came to an end. From my point of view this chapter of my country’s passports is “previous” and requires a historical and accuracy review. It’s a very interesting period for researchers, historians, writers and, of course, passport collectors. I’ll dedicate the final chapter of this history to those documents. You can see some used passports in Spanish archives and libraries as is the National Historical Archive, National Library of Spain or El Escorial Palace Library. It is also possible to find some passports of the 19th century in flea markets, garage stores, antique dealers and the Internet. Now, I’m trying to concentrate on the first chapter of the history: the basic level of a collection of Spanish booklet passports. It covers the period from 1920 till 2010.