US Passport Sue Voss issued in Havana, Cuba

Sue Voss Havana Cuba

Taking dance and ballet lessons from early childhood, Sue Carolyn Voss loved to perform which carried her through to a professional career. She attended grammar school in Linwood, NJ and graduated high school in 1947. While still in high school she performed in Special Services for the wounded WW2 military at the England General Hospital in Atlantic City. After graduation, she traveled to New York City to attend the Feagin School of Dramatic Art at Rockefeller Center.

After graduating from there she did radio drama, stage plays, and a dance partner became the dance team of Johnny Weissmuller (the favorite TARZAN in the movies) Follies and Water Show. In addition to this, she was also a water ballet swimmer in the show that toured the United States and foreign countries. Leaving the show in the 1950’s she returned to Linwood, NJ and opened the Voss Theater Workshop teaching many young students to dance and perform. It was during this time she married James M. Earle II and moved to Pensacola, FL where he became a Marine pilot, later being in the presidential squadron. Sue Voss Havana Cuba

They had two children, Jaime Sue Earle, and James M. Earle III. Both are alive and well. Their father retired as Major and is now deceased. While married in the Marine Corps, Sue, being an accomplished artist, painted many murals for the Officers Club, Cadet Battalion, restaurants, and homes. In the 1960s the marriage failed and in the 1970’s she met Robert M. Lawrence, an old high school friend, rekindling their friendship and leading to a lasting marriage.  Sue entered into rest surrounded by her loving family on November 12, 2016.

I got the travel document direct from Robert. He wrote. Sue Voss Havana Cuba

“This passport was issued in 1949 to my sweetheart that later became my wife.  She was a principal performer in Johnny Weissmuller (of TARZAN fame) Watercade show of 1950. She performed in Cuba, as well as cities in Venezuela.  They also played throughout the United States and Canada.”



The document is a fantastic passport historical document because it was issued at the U.S. Embassy in Havana, Cuba on March 30, 1949, and was valid only for three months. Assuming it was an emergency passport. The passport is showing Sue as a 20 years young pretty girl. There are visas for Venezuela including revenue stamps. The passport is in excellent condition and has 48 pages. The USA and Cuba had no diplomatic relationships for 54 years, between 1961-2015! Hence, US passports issued in Cuba are pretty rare.

Sue Voss Havana Cuba

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