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Thailand (Siam) Passport History (update)

30 July, 2011

As I’am currently in Thailand I was investigating a bit more about the passport history here. I was trying to get access to the National Archive for some scans of old thai passports but they are demanding a lot of paperwork and their process time to get access for research is 60 days. Below you can see the 6 different types which I found so far. In the gallery...

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40 years old stamp/visa for Thailand

30 September, 2010

As I love Thailand here I display 3 quite old stamps/visa for Thailand (1970). Would be very interesting to see how was the Kingdom at that time…

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UNO Passport – Tamar Oppenheimer

20 April, 2015

Recently the United Nation Passport of Tamar M.Oppenheimer was at auction. Dr.Oppenheimer was the Director of the Narcotic Drug Division. The passport or to be more precise the Laissez-passer was issued in April 1982 at the headquarters of the UNO in New York and was valid till 1985. The document has various visa and stamps e.g. from Peru, Republic of Botswana, Republic of Singapore, England, Great Britain, Republic of...

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New Mobile Document Checking Device

22 November, 2014

PRAXIS TEST – DOCULUS LUMUS A few months ago I stumbled over a brief newspaper article on a new mobile document checking device. I gathered more information at the manufacturer’s website and then contacted the company asking for more details. Today this device is on the brink to serial production. A few days ago I got a 3D-printed test device (pre-production) named DOCULUS LUMUS. The name comes from Doc...

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24 May, 2014
Skorenzy passport lot-001-r100

OTTO AND ILSE SKORZENY’S PASSPORTSOTTO SKORZENY (1908 – 1975) Nazi officer and Hitler’s chief and favorite commando, he made a daring mountain-top rescue of Mussolini, placed english-speaking soldier in American uniforms to mislead American forces in the Bulge, and after the war headed the organization that helped hundreds of ex-SS officers flee Germany. Large important and revealing lot of passports, travel documents, membership cards, etc. owned and and used...

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Passport To Crime – Channel News Asia Report

23 March, 2014

“Passport to crime ” is the title of a TV report by Singapore based news channel  – a brief and very flat report on passport fraud related to missing Malaysian flight MH0370 last week. Thailand and especially the city of Pattaya seems to be a hot spot for passport fraud. Beside the repetition of all the facts which were already in the media for weeks, the report revealed nothing...

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MH370: Are Biometrics the Answer to False Passports? (Video)

11 March, 2014

How did at least two passengers board flight MH370 using passports previously reported stolen in neighboring Thailand? Professor Michael Greenberger, director for the Center for Health and Homeland Security at the University of Maryland, discusses on. Are Biometrics the Answer to False Passports? “…passports are not secure at all to identify a person”- Professor Michael Greenberger - Malaysia Airlines Mystery Highlights Passport… by WSJ_Live

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Stolen & Fake Passports And The MH370 Disappearance

10 March, 2014

Look at the headlines…look at the Tweets >>> Stolen & Fake Passports And The MH370 Disappearance For sure INTERPOL is right to claim the lack of passport checks! Now we all pay big money for our high-tech biometric passports with a validity of 3 to 10 years (depends on the issuing country) and “nobody” checks them sufficient! INTERPOL has a huge database of lost & stolen travel documents but...

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Alien Registration Application – SIAM

19 February, 2014

As pointed out earlier Thais are generally not collecting old paper so I was surprised to find a bunch of these 1940’s alien registration applications on my regular flea market. You know I often buy a old passport only because of it’s passport picture and these registration forms showing Chinese immigrants when Thailand was Siam (before 24 June 1939 and again from 8 September 1945 to 20 July 1949)....

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eBay Global Shipping Program – A Clear Disadvantage

12 December, 2013

A closer look into eBay’s Global Shipping Program – a clear disadvantage for international buyers!!! Today I experienced the very first time what it means to buy international via Ebay and how international transactions are affected by Ebay’s Global Shipping Program (GSP). Ebay or eGREEDY as I call them is of course stating it’s all for the benefit of their customers. Fact is the GSP is far more complex...

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