Passport Collectors Meeting in Vietnam

Hanoi, Vietnam 2012 Passport Collectors Meeting Vietnam

Passport Collectors Meeting Vietnam

After being acquainted with Viet through email for a while, I finally had the opportunity to meet him in person at his residence in Hanoi.

Surprisingly, his primary focus isn’t just on collecting passports; rather, he has an extensive collection of Vietnam Army memorabilia, including Medals, Orders, Badges, Uniforms, Hat caps, as well as Vietnam postage stamps and banknotes. Passport Collectors Meeting Vietnam

He curates his own private museum in Hanoi and has been prominently featured in Vietnamese media, particularly in magazines, newspapers, and occasionally on television, showcasing his impressive collection and museum.

Viet’s collection is truly one-of-a-kind, and his expertise in this area is exceptional. During my visit, I had the privilege of examining various types of Vietnam passports, and I gained a wealth of knowledge about the distinct variations. Some of these types, such as the Diplomatic model or the early official version (depicted in the image below), were entirely new to me until now.

The time spent with Viet flew by, as he is a busy individual. After a fulfilling two-hour interaction, I bid farewell to his home, but not before presenting him with a fine bottle of Whisky as a gesture of appreciation. In return, I received several Vietnam passports from him. Personally meeting fellow collectors is an experience I thoroughly enjoy, and every encounter leaves me with cherished memories. Passport Collectors Meeting Vietnam

Passport Collectors Meeting Vietnam

The shown Vietnam passports, especially the early types as well as the diplomatic ones, are nowadays very hard to find. And if you find them, then they are mostly in terrible condition.

A true treasure is the STATE OF VIETNAM type (left). A governmental entity in Southeast Asia that existed from 1949 until 1955, first as a member of the French Union and later as a country (from 23 July 1954 to 26 October 1955). Passport Collectors Meeting Vietnam